"When you are looking for a friend, don't look for perfection, look for friendship"

Dear Volunteer,


Welcome to your teenage years. Certainly there are many things you’ve been enjoying: Cool clothes, perhaps? Spending time on the phone, on the computer or just hanging out with friends? All of these are good and fine. But there is something else you can be doing in addition, that would make a real difference; a difference in your life and in the life of a very special child. The kind of thing that will add incredible amounts of joy and meaning to all of the other stuff you’ve got going on.


We’re talking about joining up with an exciting group called The Friendship Circle. Hundreds of teens your age all over the Conejo Valley are doing it, in fact ask around at school, the chances are that someone you know is already volunteering, you don't want to miss out.

In a nutshell


It’s about volunteering some of your time for a child in your neighborhood who really needs a friend — a child with special needs. It’s about the amazingly fun times and the incredible feelings of accomplishment you will enjoy while you’re at it. And it’s about the fringe benefits that come along with being a part of the circle.

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